Use of Buildings

Accounting and Safeguarding of Assets

40.07         Use of Buildings                                                                                    Issued: May 15, 1998
                                                                                                                                    Updated: February 3, 2000

1.     Use of Buildings

        The University will seek to maximize the use of its buildings for activities that support the
        University’s mission of teaching, research and service.

2.     Access to E&G Buildings After Normal Business Hours

        2.1   Access to E&G Buildings after normal working hours will be limited to authorized
                faculty, staff and students.

        2.2    Employees of the University Police Department who have keys may open perimeter
                 doors (only) for employees with proper identification.

        2.3    The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee will
                 coordinate the hours which academic facilities need to be open with the University
                 Police Department.

        2.4    Students and student organizations requesting use of a building must have a copy of an
                  approved Special Events Occupancy Request Form (Attachment 2).

3.     Use of Buildings by Third Party

        3.1   General Use

                Use of E&G buildings will be coordinated through and approved by the respective
                Senior Building Occupants (see Section 40.05, Attachment 2 for listing).

        3.2   Sales Activities

                Use of any building for sales activities are subject to the University’s procedures on
                sales vendor contracts.

        3.3    Political Activities

                 No facility (Auxiliary or E&G) may be used to influence the outcome of an election or
                  the passage or defeat of any legislative initiatives.  

4.     Use Fees

        The University will attempt to recover the cost of providing and operating a facility to third
        parties. The fee to be assessed will be determined using the Building Use Fee Form
        (Attachment 1). The Director of Student Center Operations is responsible for ensuring that
         the form is properly completed and the requisite fee is properly assessed and collected.  

5.    Waivers

        5.1    If an organization desires to request a waiver of the charges for using a facility, a written
                request must be submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for 
                approval along with the Building Use Fee Assessment Form.

Contact Person:     Director of Student Center Operations



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