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40.08 Telephone Use                                                                                           Updated: March 22, 2002

1.     Governing Regulations

        The use of telecommunications services is governed by System Regulation 25.99.08. The University
        will make every effort to adhere to the requirements of this regulation.

2.     Personal Telephone Calls

        2.1   Local

               System Regulation 25.99.08 permits non-business use of local telecommunications service as
               long as the use: (1) is of minimal time and duration, (2) does not impede agency function, and
               (3) does not result in additional cost to the State.

        2.2.  Long Distance

               Except for calls charged to personal calling cards, long distance calls on University telephones
               for personal use is prohibited. Individuals found doing so will be required to reimburse the
               University. Failure to cease making long distance calls at University expense could result in
               disciplinary action.

       2.3   Cellular Phone

              Use of cell phones to make personal calls is subject to the above provisions.

3.   Monitoring

      3.1    Budget Heads should review their monthly telephone billings for possible personal calls. The
              Telephone Office will perform spot checks of telephone bills and assist department heads in
              identifying possible personal calls. Upon verification of such, the budget head should counsel the
              individual making the calls and submit a request to the Treasury Services Office to bill them for
              the cost. The request should be signed by the individual making the calls, thereby acknowledging
              the fact that they owe the University for the personal calls.

     3.2    When the Telephone Office identifies excessive personal calls, it will notify the department head
             of the problem and request appropriate action be taken. If the problem persists, the Telephone
             Office will notify the applicable Vice President. Failure to resolve the problem within a reasonable
             time-frame will result in corrective action being taken by the Vice President for Finance and

3.   Standard Telephone Services
3.1     All requests for standard telephone services or modifications thereto should be initiated on the
               Telephone Service Order form provided in the Campus Telephone Directory and must be approved
               by the respective budget head.

      3.2    The Telephone Office will provide the requested equipment and services on a rental basis.

4.    Cellular Telephone Services

        4.1    All requests for cellular service will be prepared on the Request for Telephone Services form
                (Attachment 1) and must be approved by the respective vice president. Said request will include
                an explanation as to why the standard telephone service will not meet the needs of the user.

         4.2   Upon receipt of an Interdepartmental Order processed through the budget office to encumber
                 funds for the requested service, the Telephone Office will provide the cellular service and
                 equipment on a rental basis. The user will be required to sign a Custody Card and to accept
                 financial responsibility for the cellular equipment.

5.     Long Distance Telephone Cards

        5.1    Corporate calling cards are for use by authorized employees whose official duties may require
                 them to make long distance calls when away from the University.

        5.2    Corporate calling cards will normally be issued only to persons in major supervisory positions.
                 These include the President, vice presidents, deans, directors and department heads.
                 Employees may apply for a card by completing the Request for Telephone Services
                 (Attachment 1) and submitting it for approval through channels to the appropriate Vice
                 President and then to the Telephone Office.

       5.3     Use of corporate calling cards is restricted to the conduct of official university business.
                Telephone billings will reflect the date, time, length and telephone number called, as well as
                the originating number.

       5.4    Each corporate calling card remains the property of the University and upon issuance must
                remain in the sole possession of the person to whom it was issued until authority for its use is
                rescinded or its return is requested. Lost or stolen cards should be immediately reported to
                the Telephone Office.

       5.5    Authority to cancel or deny issuance of a corporate calling card for appropriate cause rests
               with the Vice President for Finance & Administration. Notice of such denial or cancellation
               decision will be communicated to the employee’s vice president. Appeals of such decisions
               must be made through administrative channels to the President.

Contact: Director of Telecommunication Services


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