Security of Personal Computers

Accounting and Safeguarding of Assets

40.06         Security of Personal Computers                                                        Issued: May 15, 1998

1.     Locking Device Requirement

        All personal computers must be secured to a desk by an approved locking device.

2.     Procedures

        2.1    All orders for personal computers must be accompanied by an order for an approved
                 locking device. All computers received in Central Receiving will be retained there until
                 the locking devices are received. The requesting department will coordinate the
                 delivery of the computers and the installation of the locking devices. The budget head
                 is responsible for verifying that the locking devices are properly installed on the date of
                 delivery and for properly securing the keys to the locking devices.

        2.2   All departments possessing personal computers prior to the implementation of this
                requirement should purchase and install locking devices as availability of funding

Contact:    Vice President for Business Affairs


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