Security and Use of Golf Carts

Accounting and Safeguarding of Assets

40.03         Security and Use of Golf Carts                                                        Issued: May 15, 1998

1.     Authorized Operation of Golf Carts

        1.1   Operation of golf carts is restricted to employees, student workers and volunteers of
                the University. Individuals under the age of 18 will not be allowed to operate any
                mechanized vehicle. No person will be permitted to operate golf carts without first
                having been familiarized with the operators manual and safe operating procedures.

        1.2   Operation of golf carts off University property is prohibited without the prior approval
                of the President.  

2.     Golf Cart Specification Requirements

        2.1   It is the responsibility of the Department to provide a charging device for overnight
                charging. All power supply cables and cords must be impervious to oil, grease, and
                other  petroleum products. Only a heavy duty, three wire grounded electrical cord will
                be utilized for connecting the charging device to the outlet.

        2.2   All carts will be equipped with head lights.

        2.3   All carts will be properly marked with the owning department’s name in one-inch, black
                letters affixed to the lower right hand side of the windshield, and on the right and left
                sides of the vehicle. Carts should be numbered within departments for further

3.     Safeguarding Golf Carts

        3.1   Operators will remove and properly store the keys when not using the golf carts. Also,
                operators will utilize a locking device (e.g. chain and lock) to further secure the golf
                carts when not in use.

        3.2   Golf carts will be secured in the Central Receiving shipment receiving area at the end
                of the normal work day. The University Police Department has the responsibility for
                locking and unlocking the Central Receiving shipment gate for access. The cart used
                by the President may be secured at the residence. When these vehicles are used on
                weekends or for special events, they must be secured in the Transportation Center’s
                drop-off lot with an approved steering locking device. The Physical Plant Department
                is not responsible for damage to vehicles secured within the Transportation Center.

        3.3   Departments with adequate inside storage facilities are exempt from the requirement to
                store their golf carts in the Central Receiving shipment area. Adequate inside storage is
                defined as space that protects the vehicle from weather, approved by the fire safety
                chief, and has restricted access after normal work hours.

        3.4   Vehicles which are not operational will be removed from the Central Receiving
                shipment/receiving area. Transportation of inoperable vehicles to a repair facility will be
                at the owning department’s expense.  

4.     Traffic and Safety

        4.1   Golf carts will not be operated with more than the maximum passenger load prescribed
                in the operator’s manual and will be operated at a maximum speed of 5 mph (pace of a
                brisk walk).

        4.2   Smoking is prohibited when operating golf carts.

        4.3   Operators of golf carts will yield the right of way to pedestrians and will utilize only
                those walkways large enough to accommodate both carts and people simultaneously.

        4.4   Parking of carts will be in a manner that does not interfere with the passage of
                pedestrians or create a problem with the access to or egress from buildings.

        4.5   Golf cart users/owners are ultimately responsible for operation of equipment under
                their control.

        4.6   All vehicle operations will be regulated by the University Police Department.  

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