International Study Abroad Program

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80.04     International Study Abroad Program                                                     Issued: August 16, 2001

1.     Purpose

        Prairie View A&M University is dedicated to education and believes that international study abroad
        is necessary to its mission for students who wish to expand their international understanding of world
        systems. The University provides this opportunity so that students may gain additional knowledge
        and skills to be better prepared for the competitive global marketplace.

2.     Practice

        It shall be the practice of the University to make study abroad available to all qualified students.

3.     Student Eligibility Requirements

         Students must meet the following requirements to participate in the Study Abroad program:

a.     Be enrolled in the University with an approved degree plan on file.
b.     Have completed thirty semester credit hours at the undergraduate level.
c.     Have a minimum grade point average of 2.50 at the undergraduate level or 3.00 at the graduate level.
d.     Be approved by their advisor, department head, and dean.

4.     Academic Unit Requirements

        Academic units desiring to participate in the Study Abroad program must meet the following

a.     Each department and school or college must develop curriculum guidelines which allow for study abroad.
b.     Each department and school or college must develop its own purpose, guidelines, and procedures for study abroad programs.
c.     Each school or college must designate at least one faculty member to coordinate its study abroad program.

         Faculty members are encouraged to apply for support funding for planning and implementing study
         and work abroad programs.

5.      Program Participant Requirements

         Eligible students approved for participation in the Study Abroad program must meet the following

a.     Participate in and complete an orientation seminar.
b.     Pay all fees and expenses incurred in the study abroad program. This does not preclude the student from seeking scholarships or fellowships.
c.     Provide evidence of international health insurance.
d.     Release the University from legal liability for any incidents that may occur during the study abroad program (Attachment 1).
e.     At all times, recognize constituted authority, conform to the ordinary rules of good conduct, be truthful, respect the rights of others, protect private and public property, and make the best use of their time toward an education.
f.     Have a current passport and any visas which may be required.
g.    Complete a study abroad transfer credit agreement in their major department before departure.
h.    Participate in a post-study evaluation of the study abroad experience.
i.     Language proficiency in a foreign language is desired. Specific programs may require language proficiency.

Point of Contact: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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