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80.06     Attachment DL-7                                                                                        Issued: August 16, 2001
Establishment of Teaching Load for
Distance Learning Faculty

1.     Introduction

The impact of planning and/or delivering a technology-mediated class will vary. It is generally accepted
that during the development or conversion phase the workload will increase. Since neither the
University nor the faculty has direct experience in web based distance learning, the faculty member’s
workload will be adjusted based on the facts and circumstances surrounding a particular course. In
general, the faculty member will be supported in the development and delivery of distance courses.
2.      General Provisions

In recognition of the fact that the time requirements for development of a technology mediated
instruction vary; the developer will be allocated resources appropriate for the mode of delivery. All
resource allocations are subject to availability of funding.
3.      Procedures

3.1   After receiving a favorable recommendation from the University Distance Learning Council in
support of the development of a course, the Distance Learning Coordinator will forward a
proposed budget to the Provost.

3.2   The budget proposal will provide for a course reduction for the Instructor.

3.3   After a course has been developed and approved for listing in the schedule of classes, the
Instructor will receive a one-course reduction the first time the course is actually delivered by
the Instructor as a distance-learning course.

3.4   The distance class enrollment is to be limited to not more than twenty students per section for
a graduate course or thirty students per section for an undergraduate course.

3.5    In semesters following the initial offering, the distance course is to be considered in the same
manner as on-campus courses in determining the teaching load of an instructor.

Point of Contact:   Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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