Attachment DL6

80.06     Attachment DL-6                                                                                      Issued: August 16, 2001
Evaluation of Distance Learning Faculty

1.     Introduction

In accordance with established policy for all faculty, periodic evaluations are required of faculty
engaged in distance learning.

2.     General Provisions

2.1   Students will evaluate faculty for each course. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research
& Analysis will analyze the responses to the evaluations.
2.2   The results will be routinely forwarded to the faculty member concerned through the Head of the
academic department controlling the course.

3.     Procedures

3.1   The basic survey instrument used by the Director, IERA is the Student Opinion Survey. The
current Student Opinion Survey allows up to five supplemental questions to be added to the
form. Supplemental questions may be used covering at least the following topics:

a.   Clarity of the material offered via electronic means,
b.   Sufficiency of technical support provided by instructor and/or staff, and
c.   Sufficiency of instructional support provided by instructor.

3.2    The Distance Learning Coordinator will schedule and chair a peer review session in which the
distance-learning faculty discusses problems and shares ideas for improving delivery techniques.

Point of Contact:    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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