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80.06     Attachment DL-5                                                                                         Issued: August 16, 2001
Evaluation of the Credentials of Other Institution’s
Faculty for Distance Education Courses

1.   Introduction

There may be situations in which an individual employed by another institution is teaching a distance-
learning course for which the University is awarding credit. The purpose of this procedure is to provide
guidance concerning the verification of the qualifications of the instructor.

2.   General Provisions

2.1    It is anticipated that the “contracting” for the services of an individual employed by another
institution will be a rare and infrequent event.

2.2   Under a normal situation, the individual would be teaching the course for the institution that is the
employer and the student would transfer credit to the home institution.

2.3   The contract for services is to be initiated by the head of the academic unit, which will be granting
credit for the course.

.4   All contracts and agreements must follow the normal contract review process and be approved by
the President or his designee.

3.   Procedures

      3.1   If the individual is employed as a member of the faculty in an institution accredited by SACS, or
another regional accrediting agency, and would be teaching within the individual’s professional
field, no further review of credentials is needed.

3.2   If the individual does not qualify under item 3.1 above, the head of the academic unit is to review
the credentials of the instructor and approve the appointment for each course to be taught.

3.3   If the individual is using instructional materials which were not developed under the supervision of
the University Distance Learning Council, appropriate documentation is to be submitted to the
head of the academic unit confirming that the materials were developed under similar guidelines.

Point of Contact: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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