Attachment DL-2

80.06      Attachment DL-2                                                                                      Issued: August 16, 2001
Faculty Orientation/Training for Distance Learning

1.     Introduction

The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance to both faculty and trainers concerning the
expected level of competence necessary to prepare and present distance learning instructional materials.

2.     General Provisions

2.1     Nothing in this procedure is to be construed to prevent faculty from continuing to develop
materials and conduct on-campus classes in accordance with the traditional guidelines of the
University or to restrict academic freedom.

2.2     It is anticipated that a developer of course materials for a distance delivered course will be
eligible to receive various degrees of financial support and use various University resources.

2.3    Before the commitment of resources is authorized, the instructor must demonstrate to the
Distance Learning Coordinator that he or she is competent to develop distance learning
instructional materials.

3.    Procedures

3.1     The relevant department chair or equivalent for a program is to identify faculty who have been
teaching an on-campus course or who have the credentials to teach the course and who are
interested in voluntarily participating in the distance learning instructor training and subsequent
course development.

3.2     After an academically qualified individual has been identified, a training schedule will be
developed by the Distance Learning Coordinator using either Prairie View A&M University, Texas
A&M University System, or some other trainer and facilities as appropriate for the nature of the
course and the existing knowledge and skills of the individual.

3.3     The Distance Learning Coordinator will maintain a listing of faculty and technical staff who have
completed training in Distance Education delivery or who have acquired the training experientially.

Point of Contact:     Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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