Course and Program Inventory Updates: Calendar Deadline

Academic Programs and Faculty

80.08      Course and Program Inventory                                                              Issued: August 16, 2001
Calendar Deadlines                                                                                  

1.     Requirements for Course and Program Inventory Updates

        Each year the University must update the University Course Inventory and the University Degree
        Program Inventory for the following Academic Year. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
        (THECB) has established a deadline of the last business day in February for accepting changes to the
        Course Inventory and the Degree Program Inventory. This procedure establishes calendar target dates
        to enable Prairie View A&M University to meet the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

2.     Types of Updates

        Updates include course deletions, course changes, course additions, program deletions, program
        changes, program additions, and recommended changes in academic policy.

3.     Target Dates

        The following dates are applicable to all course and degree program changes. Changes to
        undergraduate courses or programs must be presented to the University Academic Council. Changes
        to graduate courses or programs must be presented to the Graduate Council.

Activity Target Date
Submit proposed changes
Two weeks before Council meeting
Begin considering changes
First Council meeting in October, Target Year – 1
Last date to submit changes
January 31 of Target Year
Council considers proposed changes
October of Target Year – 1 through February 15, Target Year
Updates submitted to THECB
Last business day of February, Target Year
Changes go into effect
Fall Semester of Target Year

Point of Contact:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


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