Fiscal Year 05-06

TAB A- FY 2005-06 Memoranda

Memo FY06-01 Fee Waiver/Refund Form

Memo FY06-02 State Contracted Airfare

Memo FY06-03 New Telephone System

Memo FY06-04 Friday, December 23, 2005

Memo FY06-05 January 2, 2006 Payroll

Memo FY06-06 Required Employee Training

Memo FY06-07 2004-2005 Employee Performance for Non-Faculty Employees

Memo FY06-08 Public Forum

Memo FY06-09 Documentation of Mileage

Memo FY06-10 Office Closure for BPP training


Memo FY06-12 BENCHMARKS Announcement ver 6

Memo FY06-13 Submission of Travel Reimbursement Request

Memo FY06-14 Student Information System (SIS+)

Memo FY06-15 Physical Inventory for Fiscal Year 2006


Memo FY06-17 Appointments and Responsibilities of Leave Coordinators

Memo FY06-18 External Employment

Memo FY06-19 Budget Guidelines

Memo FY06-20 New Online Position Description

Memo FY06-21 Friday, April 14, 2006


Memo FY06-22 Annual Space Inventory

Attachments: Senior Building Coordinators, Building Walk Through Schedule

Memo FY06-23 Deadline for Application for Full-Time Employment Wavier

Memo FY06-24 Freeze on Out-of-State Travel Paid with State Funds

Memo FY06-25 Update to University Administration Procedure

Memo FY06-26 Summer Work Schedule

Memo FY06-27 Time and Effort Certification for Employees Working on Sponsored Agreements

Memo FY06-28 Appointments and Responsibilities of Time and Effort Coordinators

Memo FY06-29 Training Sessions for PV PAWS (Online Position Description System)

Memo FY06-30 PV PAWS and PV PATH – Two days left to Go-Live!

Memo FY06-31 Emergency Contact Information for 2006 Hurricane Season

Attachments: Emergency Contact Information

Memo FY06-32 VOIP Telephone Directory

Memo FY06-33 Update to TAMU System Policies

Memo FY06-34 Update to University Administrative Procedures

Memo FY06-35 Annual Enrollment Meeting Schedule

Memo FY06-36 Fiscal & Travel Year-End – DEADLINES

Memo FY06-37 Implementation of Password Policy

Memo FY06-38 Official Notice of Change for SDOL URL

Memo FY06-41 Purchasing Office Closure

Memo FY06-42 Fiscal Year 2007 Holiday Schedule

Memo FY06-43 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Fiscal 2007 is 44.5 Cents per Mile

Memo FY06-44 Revised System Policy 22.02, System Investment

Memo FY06-45 Office of Business Contact Information

Memo FY06-46 Deadline for Application for Full Employee Wavier

Attachment: Application for Full Time Wavier

Memo FY06-47 Relocation of Student Employment Office

Attachment Student Employment Job Description Form

Memo FY06-48 Student Employment Orientation

Memo FY06-49 IT/Network Services

Memo FY06-50 Operational Guidance for the 2006-2007 Budget

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