Fiscal Year 12-13

Memo FY 13-01 Campus Community Energy Conservation Efforts

Memo FY 13-02 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY 13-03 L-Doc and Receiving Training and Implementation

Memo FY 13-04 Open Records Public Information Requests.

Memo FY 13-05 External Employment

Memo FY 13-07 Compensatory Time Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

Memo FY 13-06 Monthly Statement of Accounts Review (MSA)

Memo FY 13-08 Children and Unauthorized Visitors in Classroom Laboratories Study Areas Work Areas and Student or Employee Lounges

Memo FY 13-09 Fraud Notification

Memo FY 13-10 Contract Review and Execution Process

Memo FY 13-11 Collection of Funds Cash Handling

Memo FY 13-12 Accountable Property Officer Responsibilities

Memo FY 13-13 Fixed Asset-Statement of Liability

Memo FY 13-14 Physical Plant Service Rates

Memo FY 13-15 International Travel Safety Course

Memo FY 13-16 Travel Year-End Reimbursements

Memo FY 13-17 Tuition & Fee Changes for the 2013-14 Fiscal Year


Memo FY 13-18 Customer Appreciation

Memo FY 13-19 2012 Annual Evaluations


Memo FY 13-20 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Memo FY 13-21 December 2012 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 13-22 Tax Increases

Memo FY 13-23 Update to System Regulation

Memo FY 13-24 W-2 Forms

Memo FY 13-25 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 13-26 Update to System Regulation

Memo FY 13-27 Update to System Policies

Memo FY 13-28 Update to System Regulation

Memo FY 13-29 Update to System Regulation 15.99.04

Memo FY 13-30 Update to UAP 25.07.03.P0.01

Memo FY 13-31 Update to TAMUS Regulation 10.02.01

Memo FY 13-32a PV Summer Training & Enrichment Program (S.T.E.P)

Memo FY 13-33 Summer2013 Alternate Work Schedule Dress Code

Memo FY 13-34 PVAMU FY 13 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 13-35 Financial Service Department Training

Memo FY 13-37 Information Technology Services Survey

Memo FY 13-38 PVAMU Tuition & Fees Public Hearings

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