Fiscal Year 11-12

Memo FY 12-01 Open Records Public Information Request

Memo FY 12-02 Campus Wide Paper Agreement

Memo FY 12-03 External Employment

Memo FY 12-04 Accountable Property Officer Responsibilities

Memo FY 12-05 HUB Program

Memo FY 12-06 Emergency Leave of Absence with Pay

Memo FY 12-08 September 2011 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-09 Office Supply Agreement with Brenham Office Supply

Memo FY 12-10 Safe Driving Rules at PVAMU

Memo FY 12-11 Phishing Attempts at PVAMU

Memo FY 12-12 GMAIL for PV Students

Memo FY 12-13 Fraud Notification

Memo FY 12-14 Important Changes to Contract Review and Execution Process

Memo FY 12-15 Campus-wide Medical Supply Agreement

Memo FY 12-16 Election to Sign-up for Online W-2 Forms

Memo FY 12-19 Identity Finder Instructions

Memo FY 12-20 University Drive on PVAMU Campus

Memo FY 12-21 October 2011 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-22 Travel Advance for Employee Travel

Memo FY 12-23 Travel Year End Notice

Memo FY 12-24 Tuition and Fee Changes for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year.

Memo FY 12-25 Alcohol & Other Drugs Annual Notification

Memo FY 12-26 Training for Web-Based Time and Effort Certifications

Memo FY 12-27 November 2011 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-28 Modification to Prairie View A&M University’s Minimum Pay

Memo FY 12-29 January 2012 Pay Period

Memo FY 12-30 Performance Evaluation 2011 Training

Memo FY 12-31 Human Resources and Student Employment Open Hiring Period

Memo FY 12-32 New Travel System Training Concur

Memo FY 12-33 W-2 Forms

Memo FY 12-34 Fixed Asset-Statement of Liability

Memo FY 12-35 Inventory Audits for Fiscal Year 2012


Memo FY 12-36 January 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-37 Summer Internship Program

Memo FY 12-38 Tuition and Fees Public Hearings – REVISED

Memo FY 12-39 Counterfeit Bills

Memo FY 12-40 Promotional Item Vendor Agreement

Memo FY 12-41 Time & Effort Training

Memo FY 12-42 Mexico Travel Warning Update

Memo FY 12-43 Revisions to TAMUS Policy 32.01.01

Memo FY 12-44 Revision TAMUS Policy 21.05

Memo FY 12-45 TAMUS Policy 11.09

Memo FY 12-46 PVAM University Procedures

Memo FY 12-47 February 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-48 Student Referendum (Vote) on University-level Fees

Memo FY 12-49 Physical Plant Service Rates for FY 2013

Memo FY 12-50 Phase I Road Repair

Memo FY 12-51 New Travel System Training (Concur)

Memo FY 12-52 Annual Space Inventory


Memo FY 12-53 Phishing Attempts

Memo FY 12-54 Summer 2012 Alternate Work Schedule Dress Code

Memo FY 12-55 March 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-56 New Travel System (Concur) Go-Live

Memo FY 12-57 FY13 Budget Preparation Guidelines

Memo FY 12-58 Changes to PV Live

Memo FY 12-59 Special Payroll Training

Memo FY 12-60 April 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-61 Phase 3 Road Repair

Memo FY 12-62 Document Retention Dates for Fiscal Year 2012

Memo FY 12-63 TAMUS Policies and Regulation

Memo FY 12-64 May 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 12-65 Update to PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 12-66 Update to TAMUS System Regulations 12.99.01 and 31.03.03

Memo FY 12-67 Update to TAMUS System Regulation 21.05.01

Memo FY 12-68 Closeout Year-End Deadlines for FY 2012

Memo FY 12-69 Annual Benefit Enrollment for FY 2012-13

Memo FY 12-70 June 2012 FAMIS Month-End Statements.

Memo FY 12-71 Supplemental Payment Training

Memo FY 12-72 Schedule for Disposal of Documents

FY 12-73 FY13 Holiday Schedule REVISED

Memo FY 12-74 Return to Normal Operating Hours

Memo FY 12-75 Appointed of Chief Information Office for PVAMU

Memo FY 12-76 Revisions Changes in Student Employment Hiring Procedures

Memo FY 12-77 Business Affairs Welcomes New Staff Member – Aaron Scheffler

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