Fiscal Year 10-11

Memo FY 11-01 Time Leave Traq Refresher

Memo FY 11-02 Accountable Property Officer Responsibilities

Memo FY 11-03 Fraud Notification

Memo FY 11-04 External Employment

Memo FY 11-05 Open Records Public Information Requests

Memo FY 11-06 FY 2009 HUB Program

Memo FY 11-07 Campus Wide Paper Agreement for Letter-size Paper

Memo FY 11-08 Continuing Phishing Attempts at PVAMU

Memo FY 11-09 Security Warning

Memo FY 11-10 Access to University Quick Facts

Memo FY 11-11 US Savings Bonds

Memo FY 11-12 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Memo FY 11-13 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 11-14 TAMUS Policy Revisions

Memo FY 11-15 Appointment of AVP Physical Plant

Memo FY 11-16 Tuition & Fee Changes for FY 2011-2012

Memo FY 11-18 Identity Finder Instructions

Memo FY 11-19 Fixed Asset-Statement of Liability

Memo FY 11-20 Inventory Audits for Fiscal Year 2011

Memo FY 11-21 October 2010 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 11-22 TAMUS Policy Revisions Trans Texas Video Conf. Network

Memo FY 11-23 University Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 11-24 Bi-Weekly Pay Date 12-31-10/ Paper Check

Memo FY 11-25 Employee Performance Review for Non-Faculty Employees

Memo FY 11-26 Schedule for Disposal of Documents

Memo FY 11-27 National Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness Week

Memo FY 11-28 PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 11-29 TAMUS Policy Revisions

Memo FY 11-30 Travel Year End Notice

Memo FY 11-31 November 2010 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 11-32 HUB Ranking Results for 2010


Memo FY 11-33 Campus Wide Printer and Toner Agreement


Memo FY 11-34 Campus Wide Stationary Agreement


Memo FY 11-35 Free iPhone Apps Help Travelers Navigate Health Care Services

Memo FY 11-36 State of Texas Pro Card and Travel Charge Program

Memo FY 11-37 Power Plant Shutdown

Memo FY 11-38 December 2010 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 11-39 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change-0.51 Cents Per Mile

Memo FY 11-40 Information on Earned Income Tax Credit 2010

Memo FY 11-41 New 2011 Federal Withholding Tax (FIT) Tables


Memo FY 11-42 PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 11-43 Office Closure-Treasury Services

Memo FY 11-44 Changes to Hiring Process for Adjunct Faculty & Temporary Staff

Memo FY 11-45 Annual Evaluations Deadline Reminder

Memo FY 11-46 Monthly Statement of Accounts Review (MSA)


Memo FY 11-47 Texas Hazard Communication Chemical Inventories


Memo FY 11-48 Relocations of Fiscal Offices

Memo FY 11-49 Cost Savings Measure-Required University Font

Memo FY 11-50 Important Tax Return Documents Now Available

Memo FY 11-51 January 2011 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 11-52 TAMUS System Regulations

Memo FY 11-53 Rolling Electrical Blackouts

Memo FY 11-54 Time Traq Timesheets-Early Release

Memo FY 11-55 Internal Control Training

Memo FY 11-56 Concur Travel System

Memo FY 11-57 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 11-58 Business Continuity Plan Training

Memo FY 11-59 Dependent Coverage Audit

Memo FY 11-60 Spring Break in Mexico

Memo FY 11-61 Early Submission of Time Traq Timesheets

Memo FY 11-62 Public Hearing on Tuition and Fees

Memo FY 11-63 Fall 2010 Data Available Fact Book and Program Trends

Memo FY 11-64 FAMIS Month End Statements

Memo FY 11-65 Revisions to System Policy 08.01, Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

Memo FY 11-67 Summer 2011 – Alternate Work Schedule

Memo FY 11-68 Revised System Regulations

Memo FY 11-69 Information Security Assessment.

Memo FY 11-70 Applicant Selection for Temp and Adjunct Faculty

Memo FY 11-71 Document Retention Dates for FY 2011

Memo FY 11-72 Hazard Communication Training is Essential

Memo FY 11-73 Disclosure of Personal Information by the Texas Comptroller’s Office

Memo FY 11-74 April 2011 FAMIS Month-End Statements

Memo FY 11-75 State Department World Wide Travel Alert

Memo FY 11-76 Notary Public Applications

Memo FY 11-77 Facts About Meningitis

Memo FY 11-78 Resetting Your Panthertracks PIN On-Line

Memo FY 11-79 Annual Space Inventory


Memo FY 11-80 Revisions to System Regulations

Memo FY 11-81 Travel Safety Training

Memo FY 11-82 FAMIS Month-End Statements-May 2011

Memo FY 11-83 System Policy Revision

Memo FY 11-84 Annual Benefit Enrollment for FY 2011-12

Memo FY 11-85 Year-end Deadlines for Purchasing & Travel

Memo FY 11-86 Change in State Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Memo FY 11-87 Required Pro-Card Training

Memo FY 11-88 Schedule for Disposal of Documents

Memo FY 11-90 ProCard Training

Memo FY 11-91 Travel Card Distribution

Memo FY 11-92 Mandatory Training for Cash Handling/Collection of Funds

Memo FY 11-93 Fiscal Year 2012 Holiday Schedule

Memo FY 11-94 Collection of Funds Cash Handling

Memo FY 11-95 Fiscal Year-End Reminders for LeaveTraq

Memo FY 11-96 Return to Normal Operating Hours

Memo FY 11-97 SunGard Assistance to Academic Labs

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