Fiscal Year 09-10

Memo FY 10-01 Time Traq Approval Dates & Biweekly Pay Dates for FY2010.


Memo FY 10-02 URGENT – September 1, 2009 Payroll Issued By Check.

Memo FY 10-03 New PVAMU Administrative Procedures.

Memo FY 10-04 New Driving Laws as of September 1, 2009.

Memo FY 10-05 Accountable Property Officer Responsibilities.


Memo FY 10-06 Fraud Notification.

Memo FY 10-07 External Employment.

Memo FY 10-08 Compensatory Time Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees.

Memo FY 10-09 Open Records Public Information Requests.

Memo FY 10-10 FY 2009 HUB Program.

Memo FY 10-11 Children and Unauthorized Visitors in Classroom Laboratories Study Areas Work Areas and Student or Employee Lounges.

Memo FY 10-12 Campus-wide Paper Agreement for Letter-size Paper.

Memo FY 10-13 Travel Advances for Employee Travel.

Memo FY 10-14 Update to TAMU System Regulation.

Memo FY 10-15 CYBER Security Tips.

Memo FY 10-16 Implementation of PV PAWS and PV Path Faculty Modules.

Memo FY 10-17 Payment Method for Supplemental Payroll Payments.

Memo FY 10-18 Extension on State Contracted Rental Cars.

Memo FY 10-21 Safety Tips for Halloween.

Memo FY 10-22 Health & Financial Fair.

Memo FY 10-23 FAMIS-Canopy Training.

Memo FY 10-24 Travel Deadlines.

Memo FY 10-25 Personal Protection & Self Defense Seminar.

Memo FY 10-26 Office Closure – FARP.

Memo FY 10-28 University-Wide Phishing Scam Alert.

Memo FY 10-29 Changes of Dialing Instructions for Student Dorms.

Memo FY 10-30 Update to TAMUS System Regulation.

Memo FY 10-31 Fixed Asset-Statement of Liability.

Memo FY 10-32 New Mileage Calculation Guidelines.

Memo FY 10-33 Inventory Audits for Fiscal Year 2010.


Memo FY 10-33 Inventory Schedule for FY2010.

Memo FY 10-34 PVAMU Campus Closure.

Memo FY 10-35 Harris County Public Health Services – Free H1N1 Clinic.

Memo FY 10-36 2009 Employee Performance Review for Non-Faculty Employees.

Memo FY 10-37 Shut-down of Chiller Plant.

Memo FY 10-38 Monthly Defensive Driver Reminder.

Memo FY 10-39 Salary Guidance for Spring 2010.

Memo FY 10-40 Update to TAMU System Regulations.

Memo FY 10-41 Senate Bill 51.

Memo FY 10-42 ISSAC Review.

Memo FY 10-43 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Memo FY 10-44 W-2 Forms.

Memo FY 10-45 ISAAC Information Resource Forms.

Memo FY 10-46 1098T.

Memo FY 10-47 Reorganizational Changes in Business Affairs.

Memo FY 10-48 National Student Employment of the Year for 2009-2010.


Memo FY 10-49 Golf Cart Inventory Verification FY2010


Memo FY 10-50 Exempt Doc Implementation

Memo FY 10-51 First Annual Safety Workshop on February 26, 2010

Memo FY 10-52 Safety Tips for National Burn Awareness

Memo FY 10-53 Payroll Adjustments for Additional Pay Process Time

Memo FY 10-54 Installment Reminder


Memo FY 10-55 FY2011 Budget Preparation Guidelines

Memo FY 10-56 Mexico Travel Alert

Memo FY 10-57 Business Continuity Plan

Memo FY 10-58 Banner System Security Review

Memo FY 10-59 Document Retention Dates for Fiscal Year 2010

Memo FY 10-60 Update to TAMU System Regulations

Memo FY 10-61 Banner System Downtime Notice

Memo FY 10-62 Summer 2010 Schedule and Dress Code

Memo FY 10-63 Public Hearing on Tuition and Fees

Memo FY 10-64 2010 Summer Camp Renewal

Memo FY 10-65 New System Policy

Memo FY 10-66 Customer Appreciation Day

Memo FY 10-67 Counterfeit Bills

Memo FY 10-68 Basic Expenditure Training

Memo FY 10-70 Budget Office Closure April 22-23, 2010

Memo FY 10-71 US Computer Emergency Readiness Team Alert

Memo FY 10-72 Training Sessions for Nonexempt Classified Employees to TimeTraq

Memo FY 10-73 Environmental Health & Safety Office Closure May 12, 2010

Memo FY 10-74 Data Security

Memo FY 10-75 New Administrative Procedure 24.01.01.PO.03

Memo FY 10-76 Email Password & PantherTracks PIN Resets

Memo FY 10-77 Important PVAMU University Payroll Direct Deposit Information

Memo FY 10-78 Document Retention Dates for Fiscal Year 2010

Memo FY 10-79 EAP Training Campus Announcement 05-12-2010

Memo FY 10-80 Delco Building HVAC Repair

Memo FY 10-81 TAMU System Regulations

Memo FY 10-82 Annual Space Inventory


Memo FY 10-83 Overview for Leave Traq and Time Traq Managers, Approvers & Delegates

Memo FY 10-84 Warning – Phishing Scam Alert

Memo FY 10-85 Change to the Student Web Registration Process

Memo FY 10-86 Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness Closure June 16-17

Memo FY 10-87 Purchasing and Travel Year-End-Deadlines

Memo FY 10-88 Password Reset on the Prairie View Network

Memo FY 10-89 E-mail and Internet Security Guidance

Memo FY 10-91 Distribution Memo for PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 10-92 Chancellors Delegation of Authority

Memo FY 10-93 Decommissioning the Blue Zone Service

Memo FY 10-94 Panther Alert System (PAS)

Memo FY 10-95 Traffic Plan for Campus Road Project.pdf

Memo FY 10-96 Annual Benefit Enrollment Period

Memo FY 10-97 2010 Be Prepared Evacuation

Memo FY 10-98 Schedule for Disposal of Documents

Memo FY 10-99 TAMUS System Regulation Update

Memo FY 10-100 Safety Tips _Summer Heat 2010

Memo FY 10-101 Annual Enrollment Meeting Schedule

Memo FY 10-102 Banner System Security Review

Memo FY 10-103 PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 10-104 EHS Office Closure

Memo FY 10-105 FY11 Holiday Schedule and Summer Hours

Memo FY 10-106 PVAMU Administrative Procedures

Memo FY 10-107 TAMU System Policy Revision


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