Fiscal Year 08-09

Memo FY09-01 Appointment Processing Deadline

Memo FY09-02 Pro Card Usage & Updates

Memo FY09-03 Hurricane IKE

Memo FY 09-05 Accountable Property Officers

Attachment: Accountable Property Officers

Memo FY 09-06 Fraud Notification

Memo FY 09-07 External Employment

Memo FY 09-08 Compensatory Time Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

Memo FY 09-09 Open Records Public Information Requests

Memo FY 09-10 FY 2009 HUB Program

Attachment: FY09 HUB GOALS

Memo FY09-11 FAMIS Monthly Statements

Memo FY 09-13 Update to TAMU System Regulations

Memo FY 09-14 Tuition & Fee Changes for 2009-2010 Fiscal Year

Attachment: Fee Request and Update FY2009

Memo FY 09-15 Travel Services Training

Memo FY 09-16 New Long Distance Calling Agreement

Memo FY 09-17 Children and Unauthorized Visitors in Classrooms, Laboratories, Study Areas, Work Areas and Student or Employee Lounges

Memo FY 09-18 Enterprise Rental – Vehicle Return Policy

Memo FY09-19 Health & Financial Fair – “Balancing your Health & Wealth”

Memo FY09-20 Installment Reminder for Tuition & Fees

Memo FY09-21 Inventory Audits for Fiscal Year 2008

Attachment: Inventory Schedule for FY2009

Memo FY09-22 Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY09-23 University-wide Phishing Scam

Memo FY09-24 HUB Program

Attachment: FY 2008 Annual HUB Report

Memo FY09-25 Employee Performance Review for Non-Faculty Employees

Attachment: Performance Evaluation Supervisor | Performance Evaluation Employee

Memo FY09-26 Travel Reimbursements Deadline for end of Calendar Year

Memo FY09-27 January 2, 2009 Monthly Payroll Pay Date

Memo FY09-28 Staff Appreciation Holiday Luncheon and Award Program

Attachment: Holiday Luncheon

Memo FY09-29 Time Traq Due Date Change

Memo FY09-30 Deadline for Application for Full-Time Employee Waiver

Memo FY09-31 Workshop “Impacting Policy-Impacting People” on December 17, 2008

Memo FY09-32 Payroll Earning Statements

Memo FY09-33 Holiday Season Safety Tips

Memo FY09-34 Replace of 15KV High Voltage Underground Switches

Memo FY09-35 Resurfacing Roads on PVAMU Campus

Memo FY09-36 REMINDER: Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY09-37 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-38 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate Decrease

Memo FY09-39 Office Closure – Custodial Staff January 13, 2009

Memo FY09-40 Print Quota Policy

Memo FY09-41 Resurfacing Roads on PVAMU Campus

Memo FY09-42 Extended Training Dates for Performance Evaluations

Memo FY09-43 Tree Pruning Project

Memo FY09-44 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-45 Student Bill Payments – WEB Payments Made Easier

Memo FY09-46 Update to Indirect Cost (IDC) Procedure, 20.07

Attachment: 20 07 Distribution and Use of Indirect Cost

Memo FY09-47 Cashier Closings

Memo FY09-48 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-49 Enterprise Rental Car

Memo FY09-50 Road Closures for Street Resurfacing

Memo FY09-51 Public Hearing on Tuition and Fees

Memo FY09-52 Maintenance for IT Services

Memo FY09-53 Web Calendar

Memo FY09-54 REMINDER – Cash Disbursement Training

Memo FY09-55 Summer 2009 Schedule and Dress Code

Memo FY09-56 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-57 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-58 Office Closure – Budget Office (March 5-6, 2009)

Memo FY09-59 EPA Training Scheduled for March 5, 2009

Memo FY09-60 CPR, First Aid and Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

Memo FY09-61 March is Workplace Eye Safety and Health Month

Memo FY09-62 REMINDER: March 18, 2009 – Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY09-63 Microsoft Office 2007 Deployment and Training Schedule

Memo FY09-64 Installment Reminder for Tuition & Fees

Memo FY09-65 Campus Wide Paper Agreement for Letter-size Paper

Memo FY09-66 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-68 Office of Compliance Training on Internal Controls

Memo FY09-70 Software Purchase Program for FT Faculty & Staff

Memo FY09-71 Friday April 10, 2009 Payroll Check Distribution

Memo FY09-72 Certification of Departmental Compliance on Records Management

Memo FY09-73 Swine Flu Facts and Resources

Memo FY09-74 The ABCs (and D) of Fire Extinguisher Safety

Memo FY09-75 Panther Alert System (PAS)

Memo FY09-76 Customer Appreciation

Memo FY09-77 Workshop “Guidance for a Successful Outcome” on May 20, 2009

Memo FY09-78 PV PAWS – Now Captures Temporary and Summer Hires

Memo FY09-79 REMINDER – Summer 2009 Schedule and Dress Code

Memo FY09-80 Enterprise Rent-a-Car Policy Update

Memo FY09-81 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-83 Preventive Maintenance for Network Services

Memo FY09-84 Travel Advances will No Longer be Available for Employee Travel

Memo FY09-85 June is National Safety Month

Memo FY09-86 FAMIS/Canopy Training

Memo FY09-87 University-wide Phishing Scam Alert

Memo FY09-88 A. I. Thomas Administration Building Parking Lot Project

Memo FY09-89 2009 HUB Vendor Fair – “It’s A HUB World”

Memo FY09-90 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-91 Scheduled Maintenance for PVAMU Website

Memo FY09-92 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY09-93 Emergency Kits for Texans with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs

Memo FY09-94 Biweekly Payroll Pay Date June 19, 2009

Memo FY09-95 FAMIS Exempt Document (E-Doc) Implementation and Training Schedule

Memo FY09-96 PVAMU Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Memo FY09-97 PVAMU 2009 Surplus Property Sale

Memo FY 09-99 Scheduled Test on Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Attachments: General Terms & Conditions | Bid Sheet | Equipment Listing

Memo FY 09-100 Year End Deadlines for Travel Fiscal

Memo FY 09-101 Annual Enrollment Meeting Schedule.pdf

Memo FY 09-102 Cashier Closing –  July 23, 2009

Memo FY 09-103 Operational Guidance for the FY10 Budget

Memo FY 09-104 Fiscal Year 2010 Holiday Schedule

Memo FY 09-105 Workshop – Human Resources & Payroll Services Inclusive In-Service on University Functions

Memo FY 09-106 JP Morgan Cardholders (Procard & Travel Cards)

Memo FY 09-107 Update to TAMU System Regulations

Memo FY 09-108 Update to TAMU System Policy

Memo FY 09-109 University-wide Phishing Scam Alert

Memo FY 09-110 FAMIS/Canopy Training

Memo FY 09-111 LeaveTraq – End of Fiscal Year Processing

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