Fiscal Year 07-08

Memo FY08-01 Class Reinstatement for Fall 2007

Memo FY08-02 HUB Program

Attachment: Departmental Goals

Memo FY08-03 2nd Installment for Tuition & Fees

Attachment: 2nd Installment for Tuition & Fees Flyer

Memo FY08-04 BANNER for Fall 2008

Attachment: Go LIVE Celebration Flyer

Memo FY08-05 Accountable Property Officer Responsibilities

Attachment: Accountable Property Officers

Memo FY08-06 Fraud Notification

Memo FY08-07 External Employment

Memo FY08-08 Compensatory Time / Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

Memo FY08-09 Open Records/Public Information Request

Memo FY08-10 Monthly Review of Statements of Account

Attachments: Process Flow Chart | Training Schedules

Memo FY08-11 Tuition & Fee Changes for the 2008-2009 Fiscal Year

Memo FY08-12 Long Distance Codes

Memo FY08-13 3rd Installment for Tuition & Fees

Attachment: 3rd Installment for Tuition & Fees Flyer

Memo FY08-14 HUB Training

Memo FY08-15 Information Security Assessment, Awareness, and Compliance

Memo FY08-16 University Contracts and Agreements

Memo FY08-17 Fixed Asset – Statement of Liability

Attachment: Statement of Liability Form

Memo FY08-18 Office Closure for Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY08-19 Temporary Operational Hours – Student Computing Center

Memo FY08-20 Scheduled Maintenance for Internet Services

Memo FY08-21 Office Closure for Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY08-22 Electronic Document Retention Compliance

Memo FY08-23 Mileage Reimbursement Rate 50.5 Cents per Mile

Memo FY08-24 Notice of Public Auction

Memo FY08-25 Employee Wage Request (EWR) for Student Appointments

Memo FY08-26 On-Line Access to 2007 W-2 Form

Memo FY08-27 Hazardous Chemical Inventory

Memo FY08-28 Class Cancellation for Non-Payment of Fees

Attachments: Announcement Flyers

Memo FY08-29 Second Installment Reminder

Attachments: Installment Reminder Flyer

Memo FY08-30 Departmental Budget Request (DBR) Training Sessions

Memo FY08-31 Problem with Canopy Access

Memo FY08-32 Office Closure – Treasury Services March 14, 2008

Memo FY08-33 Public Hearing on Designated Tuition and Fee

Attachments: Public Hearing on Designated Tuition and Fee Flyer

Memo FY08-34 Employee Performance Review for Non-Faculty Employees

Attachments: Non-Supervisor Performance Review Form | Supervisor Performance Review Form

Memo FY08-35 Employee Performance Review Training Schedule

Memo FY08-36 Third Installment Reminder

Attachment: Installment Reminder Flyer

Memo FY08-37 Short-Term Loan Due Date

Attachment: Short-Term Loan Due Date Flyer

Memo FY08-38 Good Friday – March 21, 2008

Memo FY08-39 Self-service Password Reset

Memo FY08-40 Annual Purchase Limit for Savings Bonds

Memo FY08-41 State Airline Contracts Update

Memo FY08-42 Collection of Funds from Students

Memo FY08-43 Information Technology Satisfaction Survey

Memo FY08-44 Panther Alert System (PAS)

Attachments: Instructions for Students | Instructions for Faculty and Staff

Memo FY08-45 Financial Fair – “Your Path to Financial Freedom”

Attachments: Student Information Session | Faculty and Staff Session

Memo FY08-46 Inventory Audits for Fiscal Year 2008

Attachment: Inventory Schedule For FY 2008

Memo FY08-47 New Record Retention Schedule and Record Management Web Page

Memo FY08-48 Summer 2008 Schedule and Dress Code

Memo FY08-49 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY08-50 Cashiers Summer Hours May 12, 2008 – August 15, 2008

Memo FY08-51 Annual Space Inventory

Attachments: Senior Building Coordinators | Building Walk Through Schedule

Memo FY08-52 Inability to receive Incoming Phone Calls

Memo FY08-53 Scheduled Maintenance for IT Services

Memo FY08-54 HUB Vendor Fair

Attachment: Sixth Annual 2008 HUB Vendor Fair “It’s A HUB World”

Memo FY08-55 Document Retention Compliance in Business Affairs

Memo FY08-56 State Contracted Airfare

Memo FY08-57 Annual Enrollment Meeting Schedule

Memo FY08-58 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate 58.5 Cents per Mile

Memo FY08-59 Fiscal & Travel Year-End–DEADLINES

Memo FY08-60 Document Retention Compliance – REMINDER

Memo FY08-61 Scheduled Maintenance for IT Services

Memo FY08-62 Temporary Relocation of Departments

Memo FY08-63 Tropical Storm Edouard

Memo FY08-64 Travel Year-End-Deadlines – REMINDER!!!

Memo FY08-65 Death of Mr. Ronald Franklin

Memo FY08-66 Return to Normal Operating Hours

Memo FY08-67 Fiscal Year 2009 Holiday Schedule

Memo FY08-68 Update to TAMUS System Regulation

Memo FY08-69 Last Chance to Take Advantage of Free Records Destruction

Memo FY08-70 Year End Deadlines for Procurement Card

Memo FY08-71 Operational Guidance for the 2008-2009 Budget

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