Job Evaluation Model

For most of the University’s jobs, a single point-factor evaluation plan is used to determine overall position relationships. The evaluation plan consists of eight (8) compensable factors used to evaluate and classify jobs. The factors and their relative weights are described in the following table.

New or significantly revised jobs must be evaluated in order to classify them into their appropriate grade. When a new job is created or an existing one is significantly revised, a Position Description Audit Questionnaire must be completed and submitted through the university budget head and forwarded through the appropriate administrative channels. All exceptions to generic job descriptions and newly created position responsibilities must have the approval of the appropriate division vice president and Office of Human Resources designee.

Based on the content of the Position Description Audit Questionnaire, the Office of Human Resources will:

  • Coordinate the gathering of all necessary supplementary data to achieve a detailed understanding of the job, including supervisor and incumbent information;
  • Prepare a new job description;
  • Evaluate the job using the Job Evaluation Plan; and
  • Assign the job to the appropriate pay range according to the job evaluation results.

The Office of Human Resources will share the initial rating of the job with the appropriate university budget head, and determine whether additional information is required for accurate pay grade assignment. A formal determination by the Office of Human Resources will be issued shortly thereafter. New staff positions may not be established and filled without prior evaluation and classification of the position by the Office of Human Resources.

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