Job Analysis

The job analysis process is a critical element in the job classification and compensation plan. This process involves collecting detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of a job, skills and abilities required to do the job, required level of education, internal and external relationships, and work environment. The job analysis does not consider job performance of the incumbent, but focuses on the job as it exists at the time of the analysis. The results of the job analysis are used to develop a formal job description, determine compensable factor levels, and help assign the appropriate pay grade to the position.

A job analysis is required when creating a new position or making significant changes (at least 25 percent) to an existing position. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for conducting the job analysis through the use of several methods. The Position Description Audit Questionnaire is the primary tool for collecting job information. This form is initially completed by the creator or the supervisor of the position. To supplement the Position Description Audit Questionnaire, the Office of Human Resources may conduct incumbent interviews, supervisor interviews, observations, desk audits, or other analysis that is deemed appropriate to make a determination.

Prairie View A&M University’s Position Attribute Website (“PAWS”) will be the automated system to collect, update and track position descriptions.  Department managers will be able to create, reclassify, update or review position descriptions online.  In addition, department managers can submit online requests for position review through the appropriate approval channels.  The Compensation Specialist will be able to complete reviews and record justifications online.  Managers can also review the status of their change requests online.

PVAMU PAWS system allows the Compensation Specialist to review and compare both current and archived position descriptions using a variety of search options.  This eliminates the need to store, retrieve and review job description files.

Position Description Audit Questionnaire

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