World Year of Physics 2005

In 2005 the world celebrated the World Year of Physics 2005 (WYP2005) under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. This event celebrated the publication of three legendary articles written by Albert Einstein in 1905, which provided the basis of three fundamental fields in physics: the theory of relativity, quantum theory and the theory of Brownian motion. WYP2005 has provided the opportunity to celebrate the 100 th anniversary of this Miraculous Year while raising the public awareness of physics.

Prairie View A&M University, in partnership with Eisenhower High School, participated in this international celebration with a series of activities. The following is a representative example of the activities that have been planned under this partnership.

  • Visits to partnering schools with mobile laboratories and demonstrations on physics, its achievements and its relevance in daily life
  • Visits to Physics Department’s Science Education Center of middle and high school students and teachers
  • Contributions of physics to the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Dramatizations of “What If” and “How It Would Have Been” scenarios of scientists from different time periods and centuries meeting each other
    Dramatizations of “What If” and “How It Would Have Been” scenarios of events taking different evolutionary paths
  • Essay and project competitions among schools and the university
  • Interdisciplinary conferences, workshops or symposia (mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering, technology, sociology & business)
  • Interaction with industry, technology parks etc.
  • Proposals to the Federal Government for special edition postage stamps
  • Special programs on local TV and radio (91.3 FM)

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