ESSAYS (for bonus points): Begin with abstract, not to exceed 250 words, which represents the rationale of the work. The body of the narrative may not exceed 1700 words, double-spaced, in at least 10-point type, excluding abstract, figures and references. The narrative should expand on the abstract and include a description of the work. Include pertinent literature citations (when available). Do not cut and paste from the Internet!

P.S: Send the essay electronically as a Word-format file (preferred!) or pdf file. 

Due Date: On or before the final test


  • What good is Physics to the person on the street
  • What is Newton’s legacy
  • Who is the greatest American physicist?
  • What does it take to win the Nobel prize in Physics
  • Why was Galileo convicted?
  • What do you like most about Physics
  • I hate Physics and sciences because….
  • Who are the ten best living Physicists of the world and what have they done
  • Science debates pseudoscience: do the U.F.O-s exist?!

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