Theme 5: Electricity

  Theme-5: Electricity (~ 30 class periods or ~ 6 weeks)


Topics TAKS Objectives
Ch-20: Static Electricity
Ch-21: Electric Fields
Ch-22: Current Electricity
Ch-23: Series and Parallel Circuits
Ch-24: Magnetic Fields
Ch-25: Electromagnetic Induction
Ch-26: Electromagnetism
Objective-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of science
Objective-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of motion, forces, energy


Ch-20: Sub-Topics Activities/Examples Laboratory
20-1.Electric Charge
20-2.Electric Force
• Conductors and insulators
• Series and parallel circuits
• Wet Cell Batteries
• Simple Circuits


Ch-21: Sub-Topics Activities/Examples Laboratory
21-1.Creating and measuring Electric Fields
21-2.Applications of electric fields

• Electricity and Magnetism
• Electromagnets
• Magnetic trains

• Electro Magnetic Coil (PV)
• Magnetic lavation (PV)


Ch-22: Sub-Topics

Activities/Examples Laboratory
22-1.Current and Circuits
22-2.Using electric energy
• Chain reactions
• Discovery of x-rays
• Discovery of radioactivity
• Experiments with smoke detectors (PV)




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