Theme 2: Mechanics

  Theme-2: Mechanics Cont.


 Ch-6: Sub-Topics
 Activites/Examples  Laboratory Exercises


6-1.Forces and Motion
6-2.Using Newton’s Laws
6-3.Interaction Forces
App-D: Falling Rain Drops

  •  Driving a car – acceleration, force, friction
  •   Weighing Machine
  • Working with Hover Table – Newton’s Laws – Interaction of Forces (PV)


 Ch-7: Sub-Topics
 Activities/Examples  Laboratory Exercises


7-1.Forces in Two Dimensions
7-2.Projectile Motion
7-3.Circular motion
App: Fundamentals of Rotation
App: Applications of Rotation
App: Statics

  • Playing with soccer ball
  • Firing a cannon
  • Banking on the roads / bridges
  • Working with Roller Coasters (PV)
  • Working with on-line simulations (PV)


 Ch-8: Sub-Topics
Laboratory Exercises


8-1.Motion in Heavens and on Earth
8-2.Using the law of Universal Gravitation

  •  Orbiting Telescopic Satellites – Hubble (PV)
  • Solar Observation and Planetary  stems (PV)
  • Mars Rovers (PV)


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