Theme 2: Mechanics

  Theme-2: Mechanics Cont.


Ch-4: Sub-Topics
Session Objectives
Laboratory Exercises
4-1.Properties of Vectors
4-2.Components of Vectors
Determine – graphically the sum of the magnitude of two or more vectors
Solve – problems or relative velocity
Establish – a coordinate system in problems involving vector quantities
Determine – algebraically the sum of two or more vectors by addition the components of the vectors
Pocket Lab – The Paper River
Pocket Lab – The Lady Bug
Pendulum and Energy Description
Roller Coasters (PV)


Ch-5: Sub-Topics Session Objectives Laboratory


5-1.Graphing Motion in One Dimension

5-2.Graphing Velocity in One Dimension


5-4.Free Fall


Interpret – graphs of position vs. time for a moving object to determine the velocity of the object
Describe – in words the information presented in graphs and draw graphs from the descriptions of motions
Write – equations that describe the position of an object moving at constant velocity
Interpret – a vt graph to find the time at which an object has a specific velocity
Calculate – the displacement of an object from the area under a vt curve
Determine – from the curves on a velocity time graph both the constant an instantaneous acceleration
Determine – the sign (+ or -) acceleration using a vt graph and motion diagram
Calculate – the velocity and the displacement of an object undergoing constant acceleration
Recognize – the meaning of acceleration due to gravity
Use – motion equations to solve problems involving free falling objects

Pocket Lab
Pocket Lab: Uniform or Not
Pocket Lab: A Ball Race
Pocket Lab: Bowling Ball Displacement
Pocket Lab: Direction of Acceleration



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