Physics Lesson Plans Developed for Royal High-Topics

Topics of Study

The following is a list of topics organized by chapter of the aspects of physics studied at the high school level.


Chapter 1: What is Physics
Chapter 2: Mathematical Tool Kit
Chapter 3: Describing Motion
Chapter 4: Vector Addition
Chapter 5: Mathematical Model of Motion
Chapter 6: Forces
Chapter 7: Forces and Motions in Two Dimensions
Chapter 8: Universal Gravitation
Chapter 9: Momentum and its Conservation
Chapter 10: Energy, Work and Simple Machines
Chapter 11: Energy
Chapter 12: Thermal Energy
Chapter 13: States of Matter
Chapter 14: Waves and Energy Transfer
Chapter 15: Sound
Chapter 16: Light
Chapter 17: Reflection and Refraction
Chapter 18: Mirrors and Lens
Chapter 19: Diffraction and Interference of Light
Chapter 20: Static Electricity
Chapter 21: Electric Fields
Chapter 22: Current Electricity
Chapter 23: Series and Parallel Circuits
Chapter 24: Magnetic Fields
Chapter 25: Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 26: Electromagnetism
Chapter 27: Quantum Theory
Chapter 28: The Atom
Chapter 29: Solid State Electronics
Chapter 30: The Nucleus
Chapter 31: Nuclear Application



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