Welcome to Prairie View’s Internal Affairs Office

The Internal Affairs Office is here to provide a safe environment where all members of the Prairie View A&M University Community, including, students, faculty and staff may explore their concerns, consider the impact of all options, receive information and referrals.

Any PVAMU Community members who are experiencing challenges, and those who have questions about where to go and who to talk to about a variety of issues, as well as those who are interested in preventative or pro-active approaches to conflict are encouraged to visit our Office. We are a resource to help you get clear about your situation and possible options.

Meetings are private and informal and you will maintain control over your situation and your decisions.  However, concerns that relate to sexual misconduct ,Title IX violations, illegal activity, and imminent threats of harm to any person may require formal reporting with or without your consent.

Internal Affairs serves as an neutral independent, confidential, informal and impartial resource for the PVAMU Community who listens, offers informal guidance, provides information, offers options, seeks explanations and makes referrals.  The primary responsibility of the Internal Affairs Office will be to raise and clarify issues and concerns, and request assistance to informally resolve workplace conflicts. In cases where informal resolution efforts are not advisable or fail  the Internal Affairs Office will counsel the PVAMU Community of their options for formal action and will direct them to the appropriate university rules, resources, and offices.


Please feel free to contact me or any staff member with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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