Full-Time Employees

Equal Employment Opportunity Hiring Process


Purpose: To help Search Committees-(S/C) and/or Screening Panels prepare for, conduct and document new hire selection processes.

Objective: Documentation of the search process is an important search committee/selection panel responsibility that must be carefully captured on paper to ensure the University’s proof of compliance with TAMU/EEO mandates.

Prerequisite (for Search Committee/Screening Panel participation): Each person that is a member of a search or selection committee/panel as well as the primary supervisor/hiring authority must be in compliance with both of the following TAMUS requirement of remaining current with online EEO training modules (see https://sso.tamus.edu to select the following training modules):

  • “Effective Hiring Practices,” which must be taken immediately or within 12 months before search committee participation; and,
  • “Creating a Discrimination Free Workplace,” which must be repeated once every two (2) years following a PVAMU employee’s initial hire date.

Job Posting Requirements

Job postings for positions routed through PV Talent that are at the director level and above (tenure/tenure-track for faculty positions)  must include the following uploaded documents (the required documents are in bold):

  • A Standard hiring evaluation matrix with criteria the search/screening committee will use to evaluate applicants for the interview phase
    • The standard hiring evaluation matrix should include criteria related to the required and/or preferred criteria noted in the job announcement.
    • Criteria should be drafted such that the search committee can assess whether applicants meet the criteria by reviewing applications, resume, etc.
    • Matrices with criteria related to hobbies, family, or other personal matters will be returned to the initiator with a request to revise the criteria.
  • A completed Standard interview questionnaire with proposed interview questions
    • Proposed interview questions should not inquire of personal matters (i.e. child care concerns, marital status, etc.).
    • Interview questionnaires with questions of a personal, non-business-related nature will be returned to the initiator with a request to revise the interview question(s).
  • A completed Search/Screening Committee Identification form
    • Search/screening committees should have a minimum of three (3) members for staff positions. Search/screening committees should have a minimum of five (5) members for faculty positions.
    • Search/screening committee composition should be diverse in gender and ethnicity where possible.

Job posting requests that are submitted without all three documents will be returned to the initiator with a request to either upload the missing documentation to PV Talent or email the missing documentation to the EEO Compliance Officer (eeoteam@pvamu.edu).

**Job posting requests for positions below the director level/non-tenure track are not required to include search committees; however, a complete standard hiring evaluation form and complete standard interview questionnaire form are still required as part of the posting request.

Applicant Evaluation (For positions at director level or above only)

The Search/Screening Committee Chair should email a completed and signed Request to Interview Form to the EEO Compliance Officer once applicants have been selected for interview.  The form will only be approved once all committee members have completed the trainings necessary to serve on the selection committee.

Post-Interview Process

The following items must be uploaded into PV Talent and routed with the final hiring proposal:

  • Completed standard hiring evaluation matrix with all applicants listed and the scores earned based on the approved selection/screening criteria, telephone interview (if applicable), on-campus interview (if applicable) and job reference; and
  • Completed standard interview questionnaires with the interview notes for each candidate selected for interview from each search/screening committee member.
  • NOTE FOR POSITIONS BELOW DIRECTOR LEVEL: The hiring authority must document and include the selection methodology used in arriving at the final candidate (i.e. initial screening criteria and the questions asked during candidate interviews).

In addition, the hiring department must submit all interview notes for all interviewees to the EEO Office once the interview process is complete.  If any of the documents are not included, the hiring proposal will be routed back to the initiator.

Records Retention for System Audit Purpose:   Hiring Process Records received by the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity are closed when complete and maintained for a period of two (2) years in accordance with Prairie View A&M University’s Retention Schedule.