NROTC – Summer Cruise

The Navy sends all scholarship students to a variety of summer cruises for each of their three summers (in between their four years of undergraduate education):

Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID): for midshipmen on scholarship, typically between their freshman and sophomore years of college. A “Navy sampler” during which a week is spent with the aviation community, a week with the surface community, a week with the submarine community, and a week with the Marines. Two opportunities are offered: east coast (Norfolk, VA) and west coast (San Diego, CA).

2/C Cruise: for midshipmen between their sophomore and junior years of college. An enlisted “running mate” will be assigned to the midshipman to allow them to see the Navy from the enlisted point-of-view. Midshipmen will either be assigned to a surface ship, submarine, or marine option midshipmen will attend mountain warfare school.

1/C Cruise: for all midshipmen, between their junior and senior years of college. A junior officer will be assigned as their “running mate” in order to allow them to see the Navy from the position of a junior officer.  The six areas in which midshipmen can serve for their 1/C cruise includes: SPECOPS, Foreign Exchange, Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, Mountain Warfare School, Officer Candidate School, and Aviation.

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