NROTC – About Us

We’re glad you’ve chosen the Houston area to attend school, and that you’re seriously considering a career in the Naval Service!  Here in the Houston Area NROTC is a consortium of units that includes students from Rice University, University of Houston, Houston Baptist University, Texas Southern University, and Prairie View A&M University. In order to pursue a commission from an ROTC program you need to follow two separate applications Process.  First, you need to apply for an NROTC scholarship, which is separate from the admission process to your college or university.  Second, you need to apply and be accepted to a college or university with an NROTC program.

Get more information about the NROTC in general, or about the Prairie View A&M University Navy ROTC Unit


Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 519, Mail Stop 2240
Prairie View, TX 77446

Tel: (936) 261-1625
Fax: (936) 261-1635


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