College of Business Hosts Inaugural Black Coat Ceremony

October 20, 2017

The College of Business held their inaugural Black Coat Ceremony Wed. Oct. 11th in the new Business-Agriculture building. This event was established by Carolyn Davis, assistant dean of the College of Business, to recognize current students who have completed the pre-business requirements to be formally admitted into their respective majors. Davis said she believes that such a ceremony not only celebrates their completion of pre-business course requirements but incites a sense of pride and passion for the field or study. “The ceremony recognizes student achievement as well as persistence and the continuous pursuit of excellence in business,” said Kim Gordon, assistant dean of the College of business, “For this inaugural event, the program far exceeded our expectations.”


More than 70 students, faculty, and staff participated in the event where Interim President Ruth J. Simmons served as the guest speaker. During the ceremony, students took an oath to act with the highest integrity in all things while they are still enrolled in the University. “Once you learn what you can do, be confident in your ability and be critical of yourself,” said Simmons, “You will succeed and do extraordinary things.” After students took the oath, they received a black blazer with a purple and white embroidered crest which was designed by Antanee Pitts, a senior marketing major. The crest serves as a physical reminder and symbol of their commitment to be professional before, during and after class, and as they interact with professionals around the globe.


Both Gordon and Davis expect the event to occur annually and has great intentions for what is to come. “In the future, we hope that all students will look forward to the ceremonies and satisfy the criteria for full admission to the College of Business as soon as possible,” said Gordon, “We believe these types of public recognition events go a long way toward student retention, engagement, and belonging.”