Fall commencement exercises streamlined to one ceremony

October 12, 2017

This fall, commencement exercises will be streamlined to one ceremony that recognizes all degree candidates. This realignment marks a return for PVAMU to its tradition of hosting one ceremony that incorporates all colleges and the School of Architecture.

Scheduled for December 16, at 10:00 a.m., the decision to host a single ceremony addresses recurring concerns expressed by the student body and their families. “Reviving the single ceremony tradition allows students to graduate with their peers. These students had built a camaraderie that started when they arrived together on “the hill” years ago. Splitting the ceremonies did not allow for them to be together and cheer one another on as they completed their scholastic journeys together,” said Carol Campbell, commencement committee co-chair.

Students will receive the same amount of tickets with one slight change. Five of the tickets will grant entry into the William “Billy” Nicks building, and the remaining five will allow access to an alternate viewing site.

Graduation is a significant time of year, that acknowledges the achievements of our students and the Office of the President will be looking at all ceremonies to make sure that this celebratory time is efficient and enjoyable for all in attendance. While changes bring challenges, we are open to suggestions from the PVAMU community while we continue to make strides to honor the tradition of commencement.

Additional memos with ceremony day itinerary and the commencement guide will be forthcoming in early November.