Faculty Member Invited to United Nations Commission in Austria

May 18, 2017
Prairie View A&M University

Professor and chair of justice studies, Dr. Sesha Kethineni, has been selected to attend the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna, Austria.  Those selected were required to represent a non-governmental or criminal justice organization. Kethineni will attend the commission representing Criminologist without Borders: a registered non-profit that provides objective information and research to inform policy and programs dealing with crime and criminal justice.

“It’s the first time I’m going, so I’m really excited about the opportunity,” said Kethineni. The thematic discussion of the meeting is on the subject of comprehensive and integrated crime prevention strategies: public participation, social policies, and education in support of the rule of law. “While there I hope to understand how the UN addressed these issues,” said Kethineni. “I would like to know what researchers and policymakers around the world are coming up with as best practices in crime prevention.”

When Kethineni returns from Austria, she will deliver a formal presentation highlighting what she learned at the commission to the American Society of Criminology during their 73rd Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

“I think this is the first time someone from Prairie View is going to a UN meeting so that will bring visibility,” said Kethineni. “I will represent Prairie View and the college of juvenile justice and psychology.” Kethineni is an active member of the International Division of the American Society of Criminology where she served as the Chair of the Division from 2013-2015. She has been active in the industry over 25 years and has conducted research focused criminal justice policies in India and the United States. Kethineni says her research has been used to create policy in different places.  “I can contribute not only to domestic U.S. policies but also criminal justice policies around the world,” said Kethineni.