Members of the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences Return to “The Hill” Triumphant after a Huge Win in Atlanta

April 14, 2017
Prairie View A&M University

At the beginning of the month, researchers, faculty members, and their students from the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences presented 36 oral and poster presentations at the 18th Association of 1890 Research Directors, Inc. (ARD) Research Symposium 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. While there, 36 presentations were given by ten scientists/faculty/post-doctoral fellows, 19 undergraduate and seven graduate students.

The topics covered during their three day conference stay were: i) Animal health and production and animal products (6 abstracts); ii) food safety, nutrition, and health (8 abstracts); iii) renewable energy, natural resources, and environment (12 abstracts); iv) plant health and production and plant products (7 abstracts), and v) family, youth, community and economic development (4 abstracts). To find out more information about their presentations and trip highlights please click the link: