PVAMU welcomes newly elected student leadership

April 7, 2017
Prairie View A&M University

The Prairie View A&M University Student Government Association held elections early this week, for Executive Cabinet positions. Students voted throughout the day on Tuesday, based on candidate platforms and who they thought would best serve the student body during the 2017-2018 academic school year. Nearing the end of the night, results came in and the new SGA Executive Cabinet members were named.

Jacolahn Dudley, current SGA president, is confident in the newly elected student leaders. “I have no doubt they will do an excellent job and I look forward to seeing what they will do for the student and for our phenomenal University,” said Dudley.

President-elect Kendric Jones is eager to make the Prairie View students’ vision a reality, “Even when things seem to be unfavorable we will push through,” said Jones, “I will bring it home and finish the race,”

From left to right: Xante Wallace, Kendric Jones and Tamiah Robertson

From left to right: Xante Wallace, Kendric Jones and Tamiah Robertson

Congratulations to these students on their win. Find out more about them and their platforms below.

SGA Executive Cabinet:

Kendric Jones, President Elect

  • Jones is a junior agriculture economics major from Houston.
  • Platform: “My Race. Your Vision. Our HILL.”
    • H- History proves our institution produces productive people
    • I – Inspired imaginations turn desired goals into reality for our future
    • L- Lasting investments pay off as long as we have a plan of action
    • L – Leaders recognize that there are issues and challenges, I am running this race and committed to finding solutions.

Xante Wallace, Vice President Elect

  • Wallace is a junior Mathematics major from Houston.
  • Platform: “For Us, By Us”
    • “’For Us, By Us’ is a platform tailored to placing the student body and their voice at the forefront of this University. Students must realize that through unity, we can make changes and improvements to our beloved campus that can last through the generations. I want to bring the student body together by using the organizations already established on this campus because each organization provides its own set of student leaders that can come together to discuss what actions must be put forth for a progressive future. Secondly, I want to be as transparent as possible by letting our fellow panthers know what exactly is going on this campus, whether good or bad, so that everyone can keep each other accountable. Lastly, I want to help the dispersion of information by provided more means to gain information and utilizing the resources already on campus so that the students can know what is going at this University in an efficient and expedient manner. This University needs to be able to move forward for us students, by us students,” said Wallace.


Tamiah Robertson, Comptroller Elect

  • Robertson is a junior marketing major from Houston.
  • Platform: “Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality”
    • “This platform will allow me to bring back the original Student Government Association culture by being transparent to the student body and getting the university life back. As comptroller, I want to be able to inform students of where their money is going and make sure that accountability of SGA and the student body is present. Over the years, the accountability for both parties has been lost and I would like to restore it by making SGA’s presence known,” said Roberston.


The following students were elected representatives for their class and will serve on the 2017-2018 PVAMU Royal Court:


  • Regan Johnson, Mister Senior
  • Latavia Strickland, Miss Senior
  • Kendall Chalk, Mister Junior
  • Jade Morris, Miss Junior
  • Oluwadamiola Oboye, Mister Sophomore
  • Princess Ojuolape, Miss Sophomore

“I want to extend congratulations to the newly elected cabinet,” said Ebony Ramsey, executive director of student engagement, “I’m excited to experience their fresh ideas and visionary leadership efforts in the new year.”

Founded in 1982 “The Student Government Association is the highest-ranking student organization at Prairie View A & M University and is officially chartered to speak on the behalf of the student body to the University Administration, as well as all internal and external organizations” (SGA Constitution, Preamble).