Spring 2017 Open House

February 15, 2017
Prairie View A&M University

The Office of Student Engagement hosted the Spring Open house Feb. 8th in the Student Recreation Center. Upward of 1,000 students attended the event and 60 student organizations were present. Attendees came with the intent to learn about the various student organizations Prairie View A&M University has to offer and the organizations were eager to disperse information to them.

“My purpose of attending was to let students know that there is a creative media outlet available to market and promote their personal media brand,” said Andre Brown, president of Crooked Straight Agency.  “I met a lot of open-minded individuals who are open to trying new things,” said Brown.

“From International students to Greek and Non-Greek organizations, a wide range of organizations were present to pass out information”, said Nina Wright, program coordinator in Student Engagement.

Depending on the semester, open house serves different purposes. Organizations use the Fall semester open house to engage with incoming freshman and transfer students. The Spring Open House is used as a recruiting tool to meet and engage prospective members. “The turnout was excellent and I hope the growth of students who attend continues to increase,” said Wright.

Written by  Jourdan B. Scruggs