Alumni Steffon Johnson’s PVAMU Story Goes Viral

February 15, 2017

Steffon Johnson ’15, is making his mark on the world through his writing. He recently published a story about how his time at a Prairie View A&M University summer program changed his life. The story was featured on, a collegiate marketing firm/company founded by former PVAMU student Janelle Singleton and La’Shawn Chambers- Reggans ‘07.

In high school, Johnson felt education was not really for him and his grades reflected his lack of interest. So, when it was time to go to college his options were very limited. Johnson’s mom did not see his low grades as a defeat, but as a challenge. She enrolled him in the Access summer program at PVAMU. This action would change Johnson’s path and spark his interest in education. He encourages students to be consistent and try not to get distracted. “Whatever you want to do Prairie View has it,” said Johnson.

Johnson recently launched his website Thanksgiving Day 2016. There, he posts his music reviews and along with other content.

“My advice would be to stay focused, because you really don’t know who is watching until you get feedback,” said Johnson. “PVAMU has had a tremendous influence on my journey. When you take risks that’s when the best things happen. “

To read Johnson’s article click the link:



Written by Jourdan B. Scruggs