PVAMU Ranked 2nd on Social Mobility Index from CollegeNet

October 26, 2015

CollegeNet ranked more than 900 colleges and universities based on how well those institutions improved economic mobility and provided affordable education to disadvantaged families. Virtually none of the top 50 in this “social mobility index” are Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, Virginia, Notre Dame or Stanford. Instead, there are names such as City University of New York, Prairie View A&M University, Winston-Salem State and Montana Tech.

Many of the top entrants in the social-mobility index are regional public schools. Average tuition for the top 50 is $9,833, compared with $31,231 at a private university. The typical student earns about $49,000 within a few years of graduating, which is close to the median income for all families.

The CollegeNet rankings highlight schools with modest tuition that attract students from families with relatively low incomes. Other factors are the school’s graduation rate, the starting pay of grads, and the size of the school’s endowment. Because schools that rank high on CollegeNet’s scale tend to draw students at higher risk of dropping out, graduation rates for top-ranked schools are lower than at the top of other college lists. But students able to stick it out at these schools are in good position to score decent jobs, without the huge debt overhang some students at pricey private schools end up with.

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