Dr. Pamela Martin

December 20, 2013

Dr. Pamela MartinIt’s been a busy semester for Dr. Pamela Martin. But she’s looking forward to what’s to come in the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology as its associate dean.

“I’ve had a wonderful first semester as associate dean in COJJP. All that has transpired has to do with contributing to the work of Dean Brown, faculty, staff and our students,” Martin said, who assumed the post in the summer. “I’ve met so many people who think outside of the box, who value collaboration and who share faith in our legacies as a premier educational institution as PVAMU Panthers.”

During her time at PVAMU, she has promoted the College and PVAMU through recruiting trips, served as a representative of the College on the Waller County Community Plan Juvenile Committee and has helped developed strategies to promote well-being and address teen pregnancy and truancy in the county.

“I believe these opportunities will increase how Justice Studies and Psychology students apply their Panther Pride to excellence in service,” she said.

A native Texan, Martin served for two years as chair of the Department of Psychology at North Carolina Central University.  At NCCU, she instituted the department’s branding message and the use of social media to help the department’s green efforts.  She also increased the number of undergraduate and graduate students participating in research conferences.  Martin was the first African American female tenured in the Department of Psychology in 2009 at North Carolina State University.  For her outreach efforts in the Raleigh-Durham areas in 2008, Dr. Martin was inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension and Engagement.

She holds a B.S. in Psychology from University of South Carolina, M.A. in Psychology from North Carolina Central University and a PhD in Ecological/Community Psychology and Urban Studies from Michigan State University.