Wellness Initiative Addresses Total You

November 27, 2013

With all of the stresses that pop up in life, taking care of self is a priority that is often forgotten. The Cooperative Extension Program is looking to change that.

Last semester, the CEP launched Total You Wellness, a campus-wide initiative that provided opportunities to participate in interactive workshops on physical, nutritional, financial, mental and technology health wellness.

The series continues November 20 with a nutritional health wellness seminar on the benefits of juicing led by Dr. Jacqueline White. The event will be held at noon at the Carden-Waller Extension Building.

“This semester we have decided to create a wellness initiative that establishes a team that will represent all disciplines across the entire campus to implement the first ‘Annual Pathways to Total You Wellness Conference’ while continuing to support one another on our individual departmental efforts,” said Danielle Hairston-Green, coordinator of the Total You Wellness Program.

The program has also expanded its scope to include workshops at the College of Nursing on every third Monday of the month and at the Northwest Houston Center campus every first Saturday of the month.