Memo FY08-10: Notice Regarding 2008 Summer Financial Aid Awards

March 20, 2008
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OSFA Information Memorandum No. FY08-10
Distributed via Campus Announcements and Financial Aid Web Page


TO: University Students, Faculty, and Staff
FROM: Carlos Clark, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Student Financial Aid
DATE: March 14, 2008
RE: Notice Regarding 2008 Summer Financial Aid Awards

As many of you prepare to select classes for the summer 2008 semester, please remember the following in regards to summer financial aid:

  1. You must pre-register before financial aid is awarded.
  2. Your award will primarily consist of aid you did not utilize during the fall and spring. For example, you progressed academically from sophomore to junior. Therefore, you may be eligible for an additional $2,000.00 in federal student loans.
  3. Financial aid awards for the summer semester will not be calculated until the conclusion of the spring 2008 semester and all grades are turned in by University faculty. This change in procedure will allow us to accurately measure Satisfactory Academic Progress and award those that are academically eligible for financial aid. Hence, students can expect financial aid awards to be available beginning
    May 15, 2008.
  4. Students identified as NOT MEETING the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy will have to appeal the decision by completing the 2008-2009 Satisfactory Academic Progress Form. You may find the form on our “On-line Forms” page at
  5. Earlier we notified the University Community that some federal student loan lenders have opted to no longer participate in the Federal Stafford Loan program. (see Students affected by the defection of these lenders will have to e-sign a new promissory note with a new lender via our Lender Comparison Gateway at
  6. Financial Aid Counselors WILL NOT award Federal PLUS, Federal Grad PLUS, or Alternative (Private) student loans until the financial aid office receives notice from your lender that the financial aid recipient’s/parent’s credit has been approved. Should you wish to apply for the aforementioned forms of aid now, you may utilize the University’s Lender Comparison Gateway at
  7. Throughout summer registration, financial aid staff will be located in the Willie L. Tempton, Sr. Memorial Student Center, Room 311.
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