Students with balances not allowed to register

January 18, 2007
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January 18, 2007

Dear PVAMU Students:

Unless arrangements have been made with financial aid, students that currently owe outstanding balances and short-term loans will not be allowed to register for spring 2007.  Thus, if you fit one or more of the following criteria, you may wish to apply for an Alternative Loan and/or Federal PLUS Loan to prevent your classes from being dropped:

  1. You have not completed a FAFSA;
  2. You have not submitted ALL of the documents required to complete the verification process;
  3. The PVAMU Office of Student Financial Aid has not received your FAFSA corrections;
  4. Ineligible due to Satisfactory Academic Progress; (Ineligible for Federal PLUS Loans, but may apply for the Alternative Loan)
  5. Graduate students admitted as ‘Graduate Special’ (Only eligible for the Alternative Loan);
  6. Students with outstanding balances (including short-term loans).
  7. You do not have enough aid.

If you meet one of the aforementioned criteria, you can apply for an Alternative Loan or the Federal PLUS Loan in the comfort of your home via the PVAMU Financial Aid Web Page.  You may also visit us in the New Science Building, Room 123, where one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you.  We will continue to be open 9:00 am – 7:00 p.m. through January 19, 2007.

PVAMU Office of Student Financial Aid

P.S. – Once financial aid is secured:

      1. Students with prior balances should see the cashier with a copy of the award letter printed from Panther Tracks.  Once the cashier determines that you have enough aid to cover both the outstanding balance, as well as, the current balance the hold will be released.
      2. Students with outstanding short-term loans should see Mrs. Maynard in W.R. Banks to release the hold on their account.  You must have a copy of your award letter that shows that you have enough aid to cover the short-term loan and current balance.


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