Theatre Minor

Theatre minors are welcome! Students are encouraged to become involved in the Theatre Program as a complement to their academic major. Theatre minors are held to all departmental standards and regulations concerning auditions, course prerequisites, and production attendance and participation. Students who wish to minor in theatre must consult with the Department of Music and Theatre before enrolling in any theatre courses. All courses must be passed with a “C” or better.

For official requirements, please see the PVAMU Catalog.

Requirements for Theatre as a Minor Field

Requirements 13
DRAM 1003 Introduction to Acting 3
DRAM 1103 Introduction to Theatre 3
DRAM 1113 Introduction to Theatre Technology 3
DRAM 1111 Theatre Practicum 1
DRAM 1121 Theatre Practicum 1
DRAM 2111 Theatre Practicum 1
DRAM 2121 Theatre Practicum 1
Electives 6
DRAM 1203 or DRAM 2013 or DRAM 2303 Stagecraft or Intermediate Acting 3
DRAM 2223 or DRAM 3113 African American Theatre II or Contemporary Theatre 3
Total Hours 19