Theatre Degree Plan and Courses


A departmental audition is required for all incoming Theatre Majors and Minors. Once admitted, Majors and Minors must earn a minimum of “C” in all Theatre classes. Those who earn a grade below “C” must repeat the course to receive credit. All theatre majors must meet with the Department Director for advisement at least once per semester. Please read the Theatre Program Requirements and Regulations for Academic Progress for more details on department standards and expectations.

THEATRE MINOR – COURSE REQUIREMENTS…………………………………….28 total credit hours

Theatre Minors are welcome! Students are encouraged to become involved in the Theatre Program as a complement to their academic major. Theatre Minors are held to all Departmental standards and regulations concerning auditions, course prerequisites, and production attendance and participation. All Minors must be advised by the Theatre Program Director before registering for Theatre courses. In addition to the required courses, Minors are encouraged to take available Theatre Studies courses and electives as an option to fulfill the university Humanities and/or Elective requirements. A successful Theatre Minor must complete, at minimum, the following courses:


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The following courses are offered to non-majors/minors as electives or for the satisfaction of the core curriculum requirement in the visual and performing arts:


The following courses are offered in the Fall Semester.

The following courses are offered in the Spring Semester.


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