Sophomore Mid-Level Proficiency Exam in Music Theory

Mid-Level Proficiency in Music Theory .pdf

  1. All freshmen music majors who entered the department during or after the fall of 2007 must take the Mid-level Proficiency Exam in Music Theory at end of the sophomore year, or upon completion of the 2000 level music theory courses. Transfer students entering at the junior level who are deemed unready for 3000 level theory courses must repeat the sophomore level theory courses and then take the Mid-Level Proficiency Exam.
  2. The exam will be administered after Spring Break and before the final exam period. To continue the degree plan without interruption, students must pass the exam with a grade of 80% or better.
  3. Students who have not passed the THEA may still take the Mid-Level Proficiency Exam in Music Theory. However, they must still fulfill THEA requirements before enrolling in 3000-level music theory courses.
  4. This exam covers the basic knowledge of theory, including aural skills as follows: a) scale recognition; b) interval recognition; c) chord recognition; d) error detection in melodic and rhythmic dictation. The written test will also include the following: a) terminology; b) knowledge of Major and minor key signatures; c) ability to write Major and minor scales in any key; d) construction of Major, minor, Augmented and diminished intervals; e) construction of triads, seventh chords, and their inversions in various keys; f) Roman numeral analysis; g) part-writing in three or four voices.
  5. Instructors must apprise all entering freshmen and transfer students of the       exam requirements, standards, and the consequences for those who are not prepared.
  6. Instructors are required to prepare students for the Mid-Level Proficiency exam and to explain the requirements.
  7. The exam is Pass or Fail.
  8. a) Students who pass the exam will be allowed to advance to junior-level music theory courses in the fall.
  9. b) Students who fail the exam with grades in the range of 70-79% will be required to take a remedial summer course and then retake the exam in the beginning of the fall semester.
  10. c) Note: Students who fail the exam with grades below 70% should seriously consider other career alternatives.
  11. The theory faculty will send letters to students informing them of their Mid –Level Proficiency examination results by the end of the spring semester.