Music Degree Plans

PVAMU’s Music Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music with three degree options:  All-level (EC-12) Teacher’s Certification, General Studies and Performance.  Instrumental, Piano and Vocal Degree plans are available for each degree option.

B.A. in Music with All-Level (EC-12) Teacher’s Certification (summary)

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Instrumental/Piano Degree Plan (Music EC-12)

Vocal Degree Plan (Music EC-12)

B.A. in Music with General Studies (summary)

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Instrumental/Piano Degree Plan (General Studies in Music)

Vocal Degree Plan (General Studies in Music)

B.A. in Music with Performance (summary)

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Instrumental Degree Plan (Music Performance)

Piano Degree Plan (Music Performance)

Vocal Degree Plan (Music Performance)

Music as a Minor (summary)

Admission Requirements and Program Standards

A departmental audition is required for all incoming Music Majors. Majors are required to take an Applied Music (Private Lesson) course each semester and earn ensemble credit by joining one of our department ensembles (which require a separate ensemble audition). Majors and Minors must earn a minimum of “C” in all Music classes. Those who earn a grade below “C” must repeat the course to receive credit. All Music Majors are assigned a department advisor whom they must meet with for advisement at least once per semester in order to register for classes and track degree progress.

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