Purpose and Goals

Purpose and Goals

The Department of Music and Drama is committed to a unified effort in the promotion of artistic curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The drama program offers a degree plan leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree for students preparing for professional careers in the theatre or in theatre-related areas, or for graduate work in theatre. The teacher certificate program in drama is approved by the Texas Education Agency.
The music program offers curricula in music, applied music, and music education. The curricula in applied music prepares one for a career in musical performance, while the all-level music teacher certification is intended for those seeking careers in music teaching. The music curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minor subject area. It is designed for those seeking a broad-based education with a concentration in music.

The objectives of the Drama Program are:

1. To provide students with the courses and training necessary for work as professionals in the theatre related areas, and for careers as teachers of drama

2. To provide students with the facilities, materials and leadership necessary for developing their achievement of excellence in the theatre arts;

3. To develop the students’ understanding of drama and theatre history as it reflects various cultures and societies

4. To provide students with a broad cultural background in theatre and other related arts

The objectives of the Music Program are:

1. To prepare students for professional careers in music and for graduate study in music

2. To provide effective musical experiences in an educational environment that stimulates academic and musical development. These experiences include solo and ensemble performance experiences

3. To transmit to students the heritage of Western music through studies in music history and literature, theory, applied music and performances in recitals

4. To present musical performances on the university campus for cultural enhancement and

5. To provide general music instruction to non-music majors at the university


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