Marching Storm Auditions

pv band

 Audition Requirements

A.  All Brass and Woodwind: should be able to perform:

  1. Major Scales: All major scales (C,G,D,A,E,B,F, (B-E-D Flat)) in eighth notes, two octaves (where possible) at m.m.=120 marching tempo.
  2. Chromatic Scale from lowest pitch up a minimum of two octaves.
  3. Prepared piece.

All Percussionists:

  • ·Basic rudiments from memory
    • Percussionists will be assigned to various instruments in the section, based on ability and physical conditioning.
    • Should be able to sight read basic rhythm.


    Snare Drums     10          Tenor Drums    6 to 8

    Bass Drums       5            Sixtets              4

    Cymbals     4 to 6


For more information please contact Dr. William McQueen at or call (936) 261-3315.

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