Black Fox Audition Information

EVENT:         Preliminary Auditions for THE BLACK FOXES

WHEN:          Saturday, April 5, 2008

TIME:            10:00 a.m.

PLACE:         Band room of the Hobart Taylor Building on the campus of

                     Prairie View A&M University

                                     AUDITION REQUIREMENTS

1. Present a 2 minute dance routine to music that is “up-tempo” like Brittany Spears’

    “Toxic”, or any of the Earth, Wind and Fire songs.  Dance routine must demonstrate

    high kicks and a straight split; any other steps or combinations that the student feels

    she possesses strong technique with should be incorporated into the choreography.

2. Attire can be any dance attire that has the legs and arms out.  Shoes of any type

    can be used, or the dancer may perform with bare feet.

3. Hair and make-up should be worn so that the dancer looks her absolute best.

4. Judging will be in the areas of dance ability, physique, interview and overall impression.

5. Students must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 to make membership to the


6. It is preferred that pierced navels, tongues and eyebrows be avoided.

7. Tattoos and body art will be inquired about.

8. Students advancing to the finals will have to present two letters of reference; more on this

    requirement once the preliminary is concluded.

9. The audition is closed to everyone except the participants; parents and friends  who come

    to Prairie View with the auditioning student can visit the Memorial Student Center to relax

    during the auditions.  Someone will be available to direct visitors to that location.

10. Please bring a ball point pen to use in filling out the Student Profile Form.

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