Nation of Islam Student Association

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Rasheedah Muhammad

Letter from the President

Classification: Junior
Major: Agriculture

Greetings! My name is Rasheedah Muhammad, I am the President of the Prairie View A&M University chapter of the Nation of Islam Student Association. I chose to become a student here at PVAMU because I wanted to attend an HBCU while pursuing a degree in agricultural science. I joined the NOISA my freshman year and through much hard work and dedication I was elected to become the NOISA president during which I have now served for almost three years. This organization represents three things to me; unity, growth and leadership. While I myself am a proud Muslim in the Nation of Islam, many of our members of the NOISA come from various religions and cultures. It is through our unity and understanding of principals that affect all of humanity that we can begin to grow and as college students. We have the opportunity to take our rightful place as future world leaders with the principals of freedom, justice and equality.


To produce leadership who are inspired to establish institutions that will work toward the elevation of our people and exemplify righteous conduct, academic excellence and commitment to the improvement of life with a special emphasis on the youth, high school and college students.


The Nation of Islam Student Association is the college wing of the youth and young adult ministry of the Nation of Islam. We are a support system for students enrolled in educational institutions by providing spiritual, moral and intellectual guidance and assistance based on the principles of Islam. We are the mechanism for educational direction and training and a bridge for students who desire to exemplify righteous conduct based on the principles of Islam. The Nation of Islam Student Association is a skills bank and international network of like minds focused on utilization of information by those who have gained knowledge, to advance themselves, advance their people and improve their communities.


The Nation of Islam Student Association Prairie View A&M Chapter was established in 1998 by Jesse Muhammad who is now the current serving Secondary Advisor next to Mayor Frank. D Jackson who is the Primary Advisor. The NOISA was a registered student organization for a few years and had a strong presence while being led by Jesse Muhammad and again a few years later while being led by Nabeelah Muhammad before becoming inactive. The NOISA became a registered student organization again in the 2013-2014 year and has consistently been growing through hosting weekly meetings, campus events and working with other student organizations and fraternities.