Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

Suzanne Varughese

Letter from the President

Suzanne Varughese

Classification: Senior
Major: Chemical Engineering

I decided to pursue membership in Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. because it was unique. KDChi was the first multicultural sorority to be established at Prairie View A&M University, and we’ve been making history ever since. I was first introduced to this organization by one of my classmates. I saw her proudly wearing her letters as she sat in the front of the class each and every day. I introduced myself, and we became good friends. Unfortunately, a lot of students think that Greeks are unapproachable and are unfamiliar with how to seek membership. I recommend introducing yourself and then going from there.  My sisters and I are persistent, and we expect the same mentality from young women who are interested in pursuing KDChi as well.

As a sister of Kappa Delta Chi I have grown professionally, succeeded academically, and served as a proud and unwavering voice for underrepresented communities. This sorority has positively impacted my life in an indescribable way. This sorority is my home away from home, and my sisters are my rock. I will be a sister not only for my undergraduate career, but for life! I cannot wait to share this experience with my daughters and granddaughters and watch them experience the legacy that my sisters and I will leave behind. Sororities give young women in higher education opportunities for professional advancement, networking, and hands-on leadership experience. I recommend that every woman consider Greek life. There is nothing else like it!

If you are interested in Kappa Delta Chi, then feel free to call, text, email, or add me on social media! You can also follow @PVPenguins on Instagram and Twitter. We would love to meet you!

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is a Latina founded, 501(c)(7), national sorority who aims to achieve professional development, academic excellence, and graduate of all its members; an organization dedicated to community service to their local university communities with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population.

National History:

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. (KDChi) is a sisterhood dedicated to serving the community. The Sorority was founded on April 6, 1987 at Texas Tech University by four inspirational young women who had a vision of creating an organization that promotes academic excellence, fosters professional development, and serves as a voice for the underrepresented. This sisterhood has been nationally recognized as an organization that continuously upholds the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership. Kappa Delta Chi is home to over 50 chapters at colleges and universities around the nation, and our sisterhood continues to grow year after year as generations of young women commit themselves to a life of service, sisterhood, and success.

Xi Chapter History:

The Simply Divine Xi Chapter of Kappa Delta Chi was the first Latina-founded Sorority at Prairie View A&M University. The Xi Chapter was the first chapter to be established at an HBCU school in 1997 making history for the organization and opening new doors for its members. After several years, the Xi Chapter was extraordinarily re-chartered on December 14, 2007 and has since then focused on making a difference in Prairie View, Tx and surrounding areas. Although we are Latina-founded, we are multi-culturally grounded. We have grown to become an exceptionally diverse group of leaders. We encourage women of all ethnic backgrounds and abilities to unite under the common interest of making a difference in our community.

Our Focus:

The Focus of Kappa Delta Chi shall be to promote the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership among women at colleges and universities. Through numerous service events, sisterhood retreats, academic and cultural workshops, Kappa Delta Chi Sisters learn more about themselves, each other, and their surrounding Universities and communities. They blossom into committed leaders, are able to network with our remarkable alumnae, and continue to serve as civic leaders well past their graduation. Kappa Delta Chi is a non-traditional sorority full of diverse members and eager women ready to make a difference in our communities. With sisters, anything is possible.

For more information, please email xi@kappadeltachi.org or visit http://xipublicity.wix.com/pvpenguins