Hispanic Business Student Association

Sandra Garcia-Sandoval

Letter from the President

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Accounting
Contact Information: sgsangarcia@gmail.com


This organization is beneficial to undergraduates who would like to be part of a diverse group of people who thrive to make an impact on both the business world and PVAMU. Our group isn’t necessarily just for Hispanics, but it does however, make Hispanic students have an initiative to join an organization that will be beneficial in their career. We want to empower business students and give them the resources they need to be successful after graduating. Besides this, we are thinking about doing philanthropic work to make a change with the Hispanic community. This includes going to schools and giving motivational speeches to minorities so they can achieve a higher education, and holding seminars to talk to parents about the importance of a higher education for their children. Overall, I feel like this organization helps students be more professional, resourceful and knowledgeable while making an impact on the community.

Mission Statement:

Promote the interest and success of students in the College of Business at Prairie View A&M University, Focus on preparing our members for internships and careers, Access Networking with Corporate America workers, peers, and upperclassmen that have the same interests as you and Orient members to a gateway of opportunities

Our Focus:

To support and encourage Hispanic students who are interested in business related careers. Non-Hispanics and students interested in related fields of study are also encouraged to participate. This organization also enables its members to develop leadership and communication skills that are necessary to succeed in both academic and professional setting.


Dr. Daniel Perez, professor of Finance who formerly worked in the College of Business, founded the Hispanic Business Student Association in conjunction with Ms. Alejandra Castillo, senior at Prairie View A&M University in 2011. Dr. Perez saw a need for an organization of Hispanic background students to promote their success in Business Administration studies. He, along with students, designed the organization as a support mechanism by pulling talented individuals into one cohesive group.